Indie Spotlight – Night in the Woods

Mae Borowski is a fun-loving cat with no direction in life. She is a recent college dropout and returned home to find her town has changed quite a bit. Night in the Woods is an adventure platforming game crowd-funded by many fans and developed by the Finji studio. With a

Indie Spotlight – Memoranda

Having memory problems can be difficult, but when you can’t even remember your own name life can become very strange. Mizuki is the main character with this affliction and her world is filled with missing elephants, creepy doll makers, and an Opera singing anthropomorphic cat. Quirky doesn’t begin to describe

Indie Spotlight – Never Alone

You play as Nuna the brave little Inupiat girl and her Arctic Fox as she journeys through harsh winter conditions. Never Alone is a puzzle-platformer that tries to tell an atmospheric story, as well as enlighten people on the folklore of the indigenous Alaskan people. Unfortunately, the actual controls for

Indie Spotlight – Oxenfree

Every year 5 teenagers go to an abandoned island looking for a spooky adventure and harmless fun. This year things don’t turn out as planned as they soon find out that ghosts may be real after all. Trapped and alone their only way back home maybe through a hand-held radio.

Indie Spotlight – Claire: Extended Cut

Inspired by the classic Silent Hill series, Hailstorm Games brings you the 2-D survival horror game called Claire. It’s a game where you’ll mostly be solving puzzles and running away from enemies, rather than fighting. Our main character wakes up alone in a hospital after visiting her sickly mother. Now

Indie Spotlight – Inside

From the people who brought you “Limbo” the monochromatic side-scroller, here they have made another creepy puzzle-platformer called “Inside.” Inside is a trial and error type of game with a mysterious story and just the right amount of horror. The company Playdead is known for making games with eerie atmosphere,

2015 Diamond Award Winner

2015 DAGERS Diamond Award Winner Last year saw 4 titles earn the rating of Barrier Free; Mortal Kombat X, Invisible, Inc., Star Wars Battlefront, and Heroes of the Storm all exemplify high standards of accessibility within their genre and their developers vision but only one of these games earned the

Xbox One February 2015 System Update

The largest new feature are game hubs. Game hubs links all of the content for individual games together. Each game in the Xbox One library has its own game hub which displays friends who are playing the game, leaderboards, game clips and broadcasts, as well as VIPs who are posting

Sling TV App With Free Trial Coming To The Xbox One

The Xbox One edged closer to its ideal of functioning as an all-in-one entertainment center with the announcement of the Sling TV app on the Xbox One.  The Sling TV app is an Over-the-Top (OTT) internet television service that is an alternative to traditional cable or satellite television which requires

Sony Details Playstation Now Subscription Details

Sony began the New Year with the announcement that beginning on January 13, 2015 Playstation Now, the digital game rental service on Sony platforms for of Playstation 3 games, will be available as a subscription service on the Playstation 4 for North America.  The subscription option will be offered on

Evolve’s Big Alpha: Disability Accessibility Preview

  At last June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Turtle Rock Studio’s Evolve collected the most awards because its asymmetrical competitive multiplayer was set to reinvent multiplayer gaming on the next generation of console hardware. Evolve’s release date may be delayed from October 21, 2014 to February 10, 2015 but the Big

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