How a Blind Gamer Games

I perked right up when I got the message on Twitter. “Hey, wanna play some MKX?” Of course I did. MKX just HAPPENS to be one of my favorite games, and if one of my friends actually WANTS to get completely and utterly destroyed, I would be happy to oblige.

Hardware Review: Playstation VR

Hardware Review: Playstation VR A new frontier is opening in video games. Virtual reality offers players a more immersive experience giving them the opportunity to be their favorite characters rather than merely controlling them. Recently I was sent a PS VR unit to review but have been perplexed as to

Accessibility Retrospective: Batman Return to Arkham

Accessibility Retrospective: Batman Return to Arkham Every once in a while developers try to relive their glory days by releasing old games on new hardware as remastered collections or bundles. There are several releases of this nature that are scheduled for release during the 2016 holiday season. With that in

2015 Diamond Award Winner

2015 DAGERS Diamond Award Winner Last year saw 4 titles earn the rating of Barrier Free; Mortal Kombat X, Invisible, Inc., Star Wars Battlefront, and Heroes of the Storm all exemplify high standards of accessibility within their genre and their developers vision but only one of these games earned the

2015 Diamond Award Nominees

Announcing 2015 DAGERS Diamond Award Nominees 2015 is over and now that we are done catching up with our schedule of reviews it is time to acknowledge the most accessible games of the previous year. In 2015 DAGERS was able to award 4 games with the rating of Barrier Free,

D.A.G.E.R. System

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@CeliaHodent @FortniteGame I did but haven't heard back yet was wondering if this was faster
Excited 2 play @FortniteGame but game wont launch after registering code any ideas
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