• Disability Game Review: Persona 5

Disability Game Review: Persona 5

Persona 5 let’s you play as a delinquent high school student exploring a dark world of distorted adult desires. To aid your fight, you join a masked vigilante group (The Phantom Thieves) who teach you how to battle the fantasy monsters using manifestations of your own psyche — your Persona.

Disability Game Review: Injustice 2

Disability Game Review: Injustice 2 The Injustice franchise offers fans of DC Comics the opportunity to answer the age old question, who would win in a fight between two of Comics headline heroes or villains, whether it be Doctor Fate vs. Swamp Thing or Harley Quinn vs. Captain Cold, the

Disability Game Review: Titanfall 2

Delve into Titanfall’s new single player story campaign and help Jack Cooper become a pilot of a mech unit to fight agains IMC or brave the various multiplayer game modes of while controlling a human soldier or a Titan mech unit.

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@khalfan_bd Our full Nintendo Switch review, including Breath of the Wild will be up before E3!
Here's our review of Injuste 2. Kudos to @NetherRealm for making a arcade fighter that anyone can play! https://t.co/JmCivFzT9v
Here's hoping! https://t.co/k5GXQPj9KK
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